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  • Same Day Crowns

    Same Day Crowns

    With our advanced technology, we are able to offer our patients same day dental crowns made right here in our office.

    Dental crowns are both a cosmetic and restorative dental treatment that can give you a new tooth when you have one that is damaged too severely for a veneer to conceal the damage. A crown requires some preparation of the tooth before it can be placed, and traditionally the entire process takes at least two dental visits to complete. Thanks to modern technology, same day dental crowns are possible, so you can walk out of the dental office with your permanent crown the same day you come in to get the work started.

    Same day crowns are possible with CEREC technology. CEREC is an acronym for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic, or, CEramic REConstuction. It is a computerized process of designing and creating dental crowns with a machine that is in the dental office. Without the need for the crowns to be made in an off-site lab, you can have your crown designed and placed in just one office visit.

    “I can’t believe how easy it was to get my dental crown in just one day. It was so much better than making several appointments to get just one crown… Dr. Kanumilli make the appointment simple and painless. I would never consider going anywhere else for my dental care.”

    – Caleb, Oatlands, VA

    When Caleb’s old crown needed a replacement, he made an appointment with us at Aldie. “I’d heard of CEREC technology where you could get crowns that same day. I figured I’d give it a try rather than making numerous appointments at another dental practice.”

    Caleb had his appointment with Dr. Kanumilli, who took a look at his damaged crown and walked him through the procedure. “Dr. Kanumilli was able to explain everything in a way that I understood. The appointment felt quick and easy.”

    Now that his new crown is in, Caleb says he’s not going anywhere. “I love what Aldie offers. Dr. Kanumilli and her team were excellent. I’m looking forward to returning for my regular dental appointments here. Thanks, Dr. Kanumilli!”

    Normally you would come into the office for X-rays and tooth preparation, and then your crowns would be made off site. You might receive a temporary crown, but then you would have to return to the office when your permanent crown is ready to have the temporary crown removed and the permanent crown placed. CEREC eliminates the wait and the need for a temporary crown.

    CEREC uses one machine to photograph your tooth, design the crown with CAD (computer aided design) software and actually create the crown. The lack of a temporary crown means that you can eat normal foods right away and not have to worry about the possibility of a delicate temporary crown breaking.

    Most dental crowns contain some metal, but CEREC crowns do not. The color of your CEREC crown will be made to match your teeth so your restoration will look natural and beautiful. The same technology can be used for fillings, so you can have tooth-colored fillings with no metal that can sometimes cause irritation.

    If you’d like to learn more about CEREC crowns, call Aldie Family & Cosmetic Dentistry now to set up an appointment with Dr. Kanumilli. After an exam, Dr. Kanumilli can help you to decide if a same day CEREC crown is a good choice for you.

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