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    Wisdom Teeth

    Experiencing discomfort or pain with your wisdom teeth? Our Aldie dentists can help.

    Your molars, the back teeth, come in three sets, with the final set being the ones that we call wisdom teeth. They get this name due to the fact that they usually come in at about the age of 18-20, or about college age. Wisdom teeth are notorious for causing problems and needing to be extracted. If you still have your wisdom teeth or have not gotten them yet, it’s not certain that they will ever need to be extracted, but they might if they come in at the wrong angle, which is often the case.

    Because wisdom teeth are in the back of the mouth and the last teeth to come in, sometimes there isn’t room for them to come in at a proper angle and position. It’s even possible that they may come in horizontally. When the wisdom teeth are positioned wrong, getting in the way of other teeth or causing pain, wisdom teeth removal is usually recommended. Some people are lucky and have normal wisdom teeth that don’t require removal, but sometimes dentists recommend their removal anyway in an effort to prevent problems from developing later on.

    The process and ease of wisdom teeth extraction depends on how the teeth are positioned. The condition of their roots also makes a difference. It is generally easier to remove wisdom teeth when the patient is younger, because the roots have not fully developed. Molars have more complex roots than front teeth, and when wisdom teeth removal is particularly complicated by the arrangement of the teeth or by the complexity of the roots, the dentist may remove tooth in pieces rather than extracting the entire tooth at once.

    “I was nervous leading up to the procedure, but Dr. Doshi was excellent. I was surprised how smooth the extractions went and how much of a positive experience it was. I felt as comfortable as I possibly could in the dentist’s chair!”

    – Gabe, Dulles, VA

    When Gabe realized his wisdom teeth needed to be extracted, he was hesitant about getting the procedure done. “Honestly, I put it off. I was really nervous about the whole thing. I just didn’t want to do it.”

    Dr. Doshi was able to help Gabe overcome his fear. “She said the sooner the teeth came out, the better. She was very reassuring and it was clear she knew what she was doing. I trusted her to keep me comfortable,” Gabe says.

    When the procedure was over, Gabe was surprised how easy his recovery was. “It wasn’t bad at all. I’m so happy I went with Aldie. The facility was clean and state-of-the-art and Dr. Doshi and her staff were professional and friendly. A huge thank you to them!”

    If you have healthy wisdom teeth in a normal position, the decision to remove them to prevent future problems is one that must be made by you and your dentist together. Wisdom teeth that are left in place can be a benefit to your oral health, but many people have their wisdom teeth removed without any issues arising from their extraction.

    If you still have your wisdom teeth, or if you are a teen or young adult and not sure if you have them, call Dr. Kanumilli at Aldie Family & Cosmetic Dentistry to make an appointment. Dr. Kanumilli can examine your teeth, determine if you have wisdom teeth and determine their condition.

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