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  • Childrens Dentistry FAQs

    Childrens Dentistry FAQs

    Q: At what age should my child see the dentist for the first time?

    A: It is recommended that children have their first dental visit within six months of the eruption of their first baby tooth, but ultimately the decision is up to the parents. Many parents choose to wait longer, but you should remember that even baby teeth can get cavities.

    Q: What happens at a first dental exam for a very young child?

    A: The first appointment is generally for the purpose of meeting the dentist and making the child comfortable with the dentist, the staff and the office. It is a learning experience, not only for the child but for the parent or parents as well. You can take this time to ask Dr. Kanumilli any questions you have about your child’s dental health.

    Q: Will there be an exam at the first appointment? What if my child is uncooperative?

    A: An exam can take place if the child is willing, but we want to make the visit as positive an experience as possible and focus on gaining trust.

    Q: How soon should I begin brushing my child’s teeth?

    A: At first you can begin by using your finger with some toothpaste on it to clean your child’s gums and teeth. In time, your child can graduate to a brush and eventually learn how to brush his or her own teeth. You can make your own oral hygiene routine a part of your child’s, which can encourage them and make them see daily oral hygiene as fun.

    Q: Do babies need fluoride?

    A: Fluoride strengthens tooth enamel and is recommended. Baby teeth can get cavities, and keeping baby teeth strong and healthy sets the stage for the development of good, healthy permanent teeth.

    Q: What are dental sealants and are they recommended for children?

    A: Dental sealants are “painted” onto the teeth, usually the chewing surfaces of the back teeth, to fill in the grooves in teeth and keep out food particles that can cause damage to the tooth enamel and eventually cause cavities. Sealants can help kids to keep their teeth strong and reduce cavities. The process is completely painless and the sealants can last for up to 10 years. Sealants can even be placed on baby teeth.

    Q: What if I have more questions about children’s dentistry?

    A: You can call Aldie Family & Cosmetic Dentistry at any time with questions, or to set up an appointment for a consultation. When you set up a first appointment for your child, we can answer all your questions about the appointment ahead of time so that you can help your child to prepare and feel positive about the start of their journey to a lifetime of oral health.

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