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  • How Can Tooth Bonding Improve My Smile?

    How Can Tooth Bonding Improve My Smile?

    Tooth bonding involves the use of a tooth-colored material called composite resin. This material has many applications in dentistry. It’s pliable to form practically any shape, and can be customized to match the color of your teeth. Once bonded to your teeth, it’ll need to be maintained, but is considered a permanent solution to your smile.

    What is tooth bonding used for at your dentist’s office, and how can it improve your smile? Here are a few of the ways tooth bonding can help restore your pearly whites!

    An article by Dr. Sowmya Kanumilli. Originally published by Your Dental Health Resource.

    Read the full article here: HOW CAN TOOTH BONDING IMPROVE MY SMILE?

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