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  • What Causes Gum Inflammation and Disease?

    What Causes Gum Inflammation and Disease?

    Normal gum tissue is typically firm and has a more pinkish color tone. When the gums are irritated or inflamed, they can appear red and swollen.

    Healthy gum tissue is essential to the health of our teeth, as it helps to both support the teeth and protect the roots of the teeth from exposure to hot and cold foods, which can cause painful sensitivity.

    What could cause healthy gum tissue to suddenly become swollen and potentially lead to gum disease? Let’s take a closer look at why your gums could be unhappy and need professional treatment to get back to normal!

    An article by Dr. Ridhi Doshi. Originally published by Your Dental Health Resource.

    Read the full article here: What Causes Gum Inflammation and Disease?

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